Thick-framed styles for the urban dweller.

Epiphany Eyewear is imagined, designed and built for people.  People like you.  Why build a pair of glasses that make you look anything different than how you’d like to feel inside?  We’re building glasses that happily complement your everyday lifestyle and even enhance your productivity.  Traveling?  Effortlessly capture your most memorable vacation moments exactly as you experienced them and remember them forever.  At the office and want to remember the details of that really important meeting? Or maybe you’re out and on the go?    Pull out your iPad and let your point of view guide you with information from 3rd party apps that you choose and enjoy the most.  At a concert or a sporting event with friends?  Capture the entire occasion with ease, without ever having to take out your camera.  Jumping on your skateboard or bike to ride into work?  Stream it in HD video as you fly down one of those big hills.  Maybe you’re out in the sun or even doing some gambling — switch on your electric powered sunglasses to shade your eyes and always keep your poker face.

“These glasses are a pure lifestyle piece — a fashionable accessory you can take from your home, to your car, to the urban streets, to inside the office walls of the board room, to a vacation hotel view at the beach — and in each place there will be a special, extra-useful feature you’ll find you just can’t live without”, states Miller.

Insanely Great is where we’ve set our sights.

We don’t just aim to create the world’s most insanely great computer enabled glasses — we aim to create the world’s most insanely great eyewear; period.  This is because we’re creating a new type of social computer inside of your glasses — it’s the fun of social interactions meets the raw power of technology and the sophistication and refinement of stylish design.  App developers will write apps that can utilize the useful information you have in your daily point of view, for example, an app to help introduce you to new people, or even to remind you where you left your wallet and your keys.   Imagine the incredible possibilities of apps that can help give the understanding of sight back to the blind by sending them step-by-step feedback, or helping forgetful people recall events as real-life memories that they can access and playback later.

“With this product, we see it as a sort of ‘Tivo for your life’” states founder and Chief Scientist, Jon Rodriguez, “The glasses will let you capture, record and rewind your life as you’re experiencing it.  If you’re not sure what someone just said, just wait for a break, rewind, and re-watch it over and over again. Imagine the possibilities, just the ability for your glasses to help you resolve silly arguments alone is priceless.”

Yes, Epiphany is cutting edge technology as a fashionable style accessory, but there is also a very real social good being built within the product.  “Our goal is to give the world something incredible and new that brings with it the concept of giving people better abilities than they had before. Having a computer in your glasses can actually enhance your human experience, and that’s what we’re most interested in. Like imagine your glasses being able to give you helpful information about things around you.  This is why we’re reaching out to app developers to develop applications that enable assistance to those with physical handicaps.  We truly plan to make the world a better place with these glasses — more connected, but also an enhanced experience,” states Miller.

Seamlessly integrated with high-tech style.

The glasses are both stylish and high-tech and made to integrate perfectly with-in the clean user-friendly ecosystems of Apple, Facebook and Twitter — made for the social trend-setting consumers who refuse to compromise on the integrity of design.  They are an all encompassing lifestyle piece offering a product that embodies technological innovation & a cool urban aesthetic all in one.

If you ask most people, the market for high-tech computer glasses is in dire need of some style.   If you’ve seen other Glass es prototypes, you already know there’s a chance you’ll end up looking like an alien from Star Trek — and while we at Vergence Labs are all huge fans of Star Trek (we love Star Trek), we don’t believe that looking like a make-believe sci fi character is what anyone wants when they go out to have fun with their friends; unless it’s Halloween — but that’s only one day a year!  Instead, we’re offering the best that design has to offer:  cutting edge technology without infringing on your own private sense of style, your love of recollecting the time spent with your family, or your over-all personal style, taste and appearance.