Erick Stephen Miller

Erick has over a decade of professional experience altering reality using 3D computer graphics and photo-realistic visual effects at companies such as Disney, Digital Domain and Sony.  He’s written many complex 3D software systems as a Technical Director, authored a number of books on 3D graphics and taught numerous Master Classes on Hyper-Reality. Miller is also a frequent speaker, is published by the ACM, and has managed multimillion dollar software projects.

Miller has a MBA from UCLA, while also studying abroad at the National University of Singapore for an additional Masters degree, and an undergrad in computer graphics (3D Animation).  He has served on several review boards, including Autodesk’s CTO council and the ACM’s unified jury where he’s been a Siggraph Session Chair.  He has led 3d technical direction on Clio nominated digital effects and was recently shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a Sci-Tech Academy Award.  Erick was also recently honored by representing Vergence Labs at the very prestigious, first ever TEDxStanford 2012 event.

Erick Miller, Founder & Ceo,

Jon Rodriguez

Jon Rodriguez is the Chief Scientist, an engineer with an honor’s thesis from Stanford University entitled “Volumetric World Display”. Jon is an active mechatronics hacker and a self proclaimed trans-humanist. Jon also has invaluable web and mobile engineering experience at hot web companies like Qik and Facebook. From a very early age Jon began teaching himself advanced logic, mathematics and software algorithms including learning advanced AI programming in grade school.

Jon’s background in robotics includes programming a six-legged robot that can adapt to hardware injuries by evolving its own motor control code as well as creating a long-range infrared sensor for search and rescue robots, resulting in prestigious recognition from Intel and presenting to Craig Barrett, Intel’s Chairman and CEO. Jon’s work in this area was entitled Modular Infrared Tracking sensor for use with the Foster-Miller TALON man portable reconnaissance robot. Jon has also contributed in the area of bio-science, creating a DNA spell checker for genetic engineers.

Jon’s Stanford thesis on “Volumetric World” display technology centers in the area of optics enhanced volumetric 3D-stereo-immersion displays; displays that not only display independent left and right eye images, but also display the needed layers of depth existing with-in the real world for each independent left and right eye. Jon’s research which was inspired and mentored by the research of Dr. Kurt Akeley, will have a major impact in the areas of 3D displays, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and is a key part of the Vergence Labs’ vision to display smart, rich, and interactive 3-dimensional information to people while wearing a highly miniaturized computer as eyewear or visors.

Jon Rodriguez, Founder, Chief Science Officer

Peter Brook

Peter is an incredibly skilled and dedicated engineer.  His most recent experience is as a Software Engineer at Facebook, working on several areas of the Facebook platform, primarily, spam fighting algorithms: Peter wrote large parts of the machine learning infrastructure that Facebook uses to fight spam, fake accounts, and other attacks on the social graph.

Peter also has experience working with Microsoft, improving Visual Studio as well as work with the Microsoft Kinect to build tools for mapping and perception.  Peter also worked with Intel on projects using VirtualBox, VMWare & Python code to improve user experience.  He’s worked on cutting edge research at Willow Garage, the company that created one of the leading computer vision software libraries, OpenCV.  Peter’s prior academic experience includes work with the University of Washington’s Sensor Systems Lab and Neurobotics Lab.  Peter’s past research has focus on robotics with an emphasis on robotic grasping and manipulation. During his research he explored object grasping when dealing with position and recognition uncertainty.

Peter has a passion in both areas of cutting edge hardware, robotics, and software — in robotics, AI, machine learning, robotic perception, machine vision and computer vision.  Peter got his start writing web code many many years ago, working with the CEO of his local town’s Chamber of Commerce in Washington building websites that improve and streamline user experience in order to increase tourism for a popular event called Salmon Days in his local economy.  Peter is intelligent, eager to tackle the hard problems, and he has the skills and passion to do so.


David Meisenholder

David is our rockstar Designer; he also designed some of the world’s most incredible eyewear for a rockstar, having worked on the designs for the Lady Gaga video glasses that were seen by millions.  As a Product Designer, David studied design at the Art Center College of Design and in the renowned Master’s of Design program at Stanford University.  David also fits right in with others on the Vergence team since he is not only a designer, but also an engineer — he has that wonderful mix of creativity and engineering that we value most.  With an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, he was President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers at Vice President of UCLA Engineers Without Borders.
David has many years of experience as a professional Mechanical Design Engineer building, engineering and designing mission critical mechanical systems for high-precision components at Boeing Satellite Systems for the Defense & Space industry.  He has also worked professionally in a mixed Designer & Engineer role at Ilan Dei Studio, a boutique, multidisciplinary design firm located in Venice, California.  So, David has worked on projects as diverse as the Lady Gaga video glasses, to building satellites and solar panels; but also projects with social good such as  agriculture projects for Ghana.
For David, working in design motivates him because it means he will always have opportunities to employ the human-centered process into a multitude of projects.  He is excited to share his experiences as well as learn how others are using human centered design around the world.  David has a true passion for rapidly prototyping new designs as well as designing innovative products that people can use in their everyday lives.

Cory Grenier

A profitability-driven marketing professional with a love for innovative technology, Cory has joined smart glasses maker Epiphany Eyewear, the most stylish smart glasses on the market.  With nearly a decade of global marketing experience, Cory has served as a marketing thought leader, presenting to some of the world’s top business schools including Harvard, MIT, LBS and Berkeley.  He has been a featured speaker at the 3 Day Start-up (3Ds), the Beijing-London Advertising Forum, and Audi Innovation events.  His media has appeared on Forbes, CNET, Engadget, eWeek, PBS, NBC and

Cory is also a recent graduate of Stanford’s new professional Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.  He joined Lenovo Beijing in 2005, to support the acquisition of the IBM PC Division, and served 8 years building Lenovo into a globally recognized brand prior to joining the team at Vergence Labs to create the next generation of eyewear.

Victor Y.

Victor is our impressive, experienced and highly recommended multi-lingual procurement and manufacturing manager with a wide breadth of experience working with design and engineering and a great history working with clients ranging from Xerox to Jaguar.  Victor’s experience working in manufacturing has a strong emphasis on creating success using QC analytic tools with Lean Manufacturing, and Value Engineering, with a design philosophy.

His experience with new product introductions includes development and production milestones, and shortening lead time from 5 to 3 months while managing large teams of offsite development engineers to produce innovative product.

He has worked deep within a wide spectrum of development teams, including module design teams, helping them understand flow simulation analysis; managing project teams of 15 engineers; and managing laser production to increase production efficiency, eliminate dead weight, decrease waste and dramatically reduce costs.

Victor developed a complete rolling purchasing plan using ERP for purchasing planning aligned with growth in demand. While managing production, Victor created a successful production incentive system based on achievements using a skill development matrix. He has great experience with inventory auditing, engineering management, supply chain, procurement, sourcing, and negotiating.

With a strong focus on managing the time-to-market equation, monitoring development progress, keeping an eye on cost, reducing waste, and achieving high quality output, Victor is skilled at creating successful results while developing standardized production processes.