Vergence Labs Inc., the maker of Epiphany Eyewear smart glasses, a well funded, fast growing pre-IPO startup is hiring for multiple positions in it’s beautiful Los Angeles Silicon Beach offices.  The creative office and lab environment easily competes with the hottest Valley tech firms, including generous benefits and a competitive salary.  Our founders are Stanford University Product Design & Engineering graduates, and our associates are experts in their fields with prior work experience at Google, Facebook, NASA, Sony, Amazon, Disney Animation Studios, and Microsoft and more – a rock star tech and design team.

We are currently hiring for the following roles:  Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineer
sGlobal Supply Chain Manager, Electrical Engineers, 

Firmware Engineer.  If you don’t see a position here that fits your skill set, that’s ok!  We are constantly on the lookout for the best and brightest minds that are passionate about building an incredibly great product.   If you are certain that you’d be a great fit and have a drive to work on our team, than definitely reach out to us with your relevant skill sets and work experience so that we can begin a conversation.

Here are the current open roles we are hiring for immediately:

Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Manager will own and be responsible for the entire component, module and manufacturing supply side, inbound front-end supply chain for a new wearable-technology consumer product.

The ideal candidate has a passion and vision for optimizing lean process management, is excited by the wearable technology and internet-of-things space, and is highly fluent and proficient (reading and writing) in both English and Mandarin.

This role is a high-visibility, high-impact role on a small dedicated startup team.  You must be prepared for:

  • late-night conference calls with Asian businesses & moderate amounts of travel to Asia for factory visits and inspections is a must
  • heavy collaboration with engineering and business teams across the entire global supply chain
  • communicating clearly to create available supply that matches sales demand forecasts for successful on-time customer fulfillment.


Will include electrical component and chip sourcing, procuring, price negotiation and purchase order management, inventory management and planning, procurement and logistics with Asian and global suppliers and manufacturers.

You will own and lead bulk purchasing logistics and process improvement for manufacturing, quality assurance for overseas manufacturing and successful execution of the manufacturing production schedule through hands-on collaboration with: design, engineering, manufacturing engineers, contract manufacturers, component suppliers, and factories.   And manage supply process from the product concept and prototyping phases all the way through to final assembly, quality assurance, boxing and shipping (FOB, DDP, etc) for delivery to our customer facing fulfillment centers.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; MBA w/ focus on supply chain preferred
  • At least 4 years in a position with significant supply chain responsibilities
  • Knowledge of new product introduction in high-end consumer electronics preferred
  • Fluency in Mandarin and English strongly preferred
  • International Experience and experience with China price negotiations preferred
  • Knowledge of component purchasing, module assembly processes and logistics processes
  • Strong communication, and team collaboration skills
  • Highly proficient & comfortable with technology, computers, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Major bonus: Engineering background with knowledge of Solid Works and/or Altium

To Apply for the Supply Chain Manager Role, please click here:


Electrical Engineers 

As an Electrical engineer on the team you should be able to think outside the box — you should be both results oriented and customer-focused. You’ll be working in a fast-paced, highly innovative consumer product environment with a team who has a successful product development track record.



  • Design, build and test of custom PCBAs, including HDI (high density) designs, and including FPCs (flexible printed circuits)
  • Design & layout custom printed circuit boards for embedded Linux systems with an ARM processor, a RAM chip, data and program storage, and multiple high-bandwidth peripherals including wireless networking chips and an HD camera
  • Layout your designs in modern EDA software, and bring up and debug the designs yourself until they are 100% working (you are your own test technician, expect to spend a lot of time in the lab)
  • Optimize the designs for low cost (through component selection, etc) and ease of manufacturing and assembly
  • Selection of COTS (commercial off the shelf) components where appropriate, maintenance of Bill of Materials including selection of new components and replacement of obsolete parts
  • Improve yield in mass production, including creating a testing plan to be performed in the factory
  • Assist with system integration
  • Work with cross-functional engineering team including mechanical, software, manufacturing, quality and program management
  • Be effective working on challenging, fast-paced projects in both an independent and team environment


  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering or related field
  • Minimum of 3 years of industry experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Familiarity with Mandarin Chinese a plus.
  • Experience with:
    • Circuit design and PCB layout
    • Getting hands dirty in the lab:  Debugging and fixing development boards to reduce # of iterations. (Using hot air rework station & soldering iron, including on fine-pitch components).
    • Wireless networking chips ideally including both wifi and bluetooth, interfacing over SDIO or SPI or UART
    • Battery and power systems
    • Working with components for video processing, image processing and computer vision
    • Integrating and testing complex circuits with new chipsets desired
    • Helping debug firmware
    • Altium experience preferred, other EDA software such as Orcad, PADS, or TopoR a plus

To apply for the Electrical Engineering role, please click here:


Senior Firmware Engineers

We’re looking for an experienced firmware engineer who will develop and implement: embedded systems software, firmware solutions, assembly code, and custom software for a state-of-the-art System-on-Chip (SoC) new wearable technology consumer product.


  • Participate in the technical design, implementation and verification of embedded firmware
  • Program custom processors using C and assembly language to implement core firmware and embedded system software components
  • Modify, compile and rebuild custom embedded Linux kernel, write new linux drivers as needed
  • Design and implement tests to verify the OS installs and new firmware roll-outs
  • Work with App engineers and software team to address customers issues and needs
  • Work with EE team to ensure that the hardware and software work perfectly together
  • Participate in detailed design and code reviews of implementations by team
  • Sustain current product and develop next generation product to production
  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex issues in embedded real-time systems
  • Analyze performance for real-time (frame rates, cycle counts, cache utilization) of firmware
  • Write maintainable engineering docs on implementation and verification tests plan


  • BSEE or BS Computer Science, Masters in EE and/or CS preferred
  • 3+ years of software/firmware system development with emphasis in embedded processing or demonstrated comparable experience.
  • Sufficient knowledge of EE to communicate effectively with EE team about requirements and constraints
  • Detailed working knowledge of storage software/firmware design and embedded linux implementations.
  • Knowledge of RTOS constructs including processes, threads, scheduling, synchronization mechanisms, memory management
  • Significant experience working with networking components such as wifi and bluetooth chips. Ideally have written drivers and communication protocols for network chips and understand the entire networking stack.
  • Knowledge of real time video processing, video encoding, compression, codecs, and ultra-low-latency video and structured metadata streaming (experience writing software for computer vision a plus)
  • Demonstrated ability to conceive, design, implement and document complex firmware and embedded systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete software product development (through commercial release).
  • Proficient programmer in C and assembly for embedded devices.
  • Knowledgeable in use of tool chains and debug tools.
  • Effective communicator of technical ideas using verbal as well as written skills
  • Works well in a small team and willingness to set and meet deadlines.
  • Highly motivated, sets personal goals, and achieves goals without supervision.

To Apply for the Senior Firmware Engineer role, click here:



Manufacturing Engineer

The Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible for supporting production and manufacturing build and process requirements. Your duties will include:

  • Design mechanical and electromechanical systems specifically for the manufacturing process by developing and testing specifications and methods that are integrated with the manufacturing process.  And deliver improvements in reliability, cost, reusability and manufacturability.
  • Provide mechanical and technical manufacturing support as needed for cross-functional product team including mechanical engineering, as well as integrating electrical engineering to implement design requirements for manufacturing.
  • Develop manufacturing processes by designing and modifying equipment for fabricating, building, assembling, and installing components.
  • Work directly with factories to produce fixtures, molds, better manufacturing processes, better assembly processes, better testing and QA processes, new automation process improvements, and manufacturing optimizations through effective manufacture engineering.
  • Assure system and product quality by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and system capabilities; confirming fabrication, assembly, and installation processes.
  • Maintain product reliability by ensuring full compliance with all government regulations of various regulatory bodies such as FCC, CE, FDA, CCC, etc.


  • Leads/participates in initiative focused on yield improvement, material cost reduction, capacity enhancement, and outsourcing of assemblies.
  • Evaluate and challenge mechanism designs for technical merit, reliability, serviceability and manufacturability. Provide suggested change proposals.
  • Creating budget estimates for tooling, test equipment, prototype designs, and first article activities.
  • Take complete manufacturing responsibility for “mechanism” design implementations from redesign phase thru production implementation.
  • Provides day-to-day production support to ensure the production schedule is maintained.  Provides technical support analyzing and /or performing failure analysis for discrepant production components, assemblies and field returns.
  • Design, qualify, document and introduce production and service assembly/test fixtures and equipment.
  • Take responsibility for developing and maintaining quality assurance.
  • Evaluate and select suppliers for mechanical parts. Help resolve supplier quality issues.
  • Must possess strong communication skills to interface with suppliers, product development, planning, purchasing, regulatory, inspection, and others.
  • Travel: Position may require travel in US and to China


  • BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent, MS in Engineering preferred
  • Fluent in English & Mandarin highly preferred
  • Minimum 3 years mechanical or manufacturing engineering experience with mid/high volume complex mechanism manufacturing
  • Demonstrated ability in failure analysis, problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Demonstrated Mechanical and/or Process Engineering ability
  • Solid modeling experience - SolidWorks strongly preferred
  • 3-5 years of experience as a design or manufacturing engineer building wearable consumer product or high-end consumer electronics product with significant mechanical and electrical components
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively design experiments
  • Prior responsibility for process, equipment or product validation/verification
  • Prior experience with automated equipment, complex mechanism manufacturing
  • Hands-on machine tool experience
  • Experience working in a lean manufacturing environment