At the heart of our product is a custom engineered miniature computer wielding breath-taking multi-gigahertz processing capabilities that can process multiple video streams in real-time.  Containing a total of 10 incredible cool-running silent processing cores utilizing state of the art nano-fabrication techniques and top of the line miniaturization engineering.   Your glasses will contain a computer that allows for the execution of complex logic that you can control through a simple and clean wireless interface from your mobile device or via a simple button on side of the frames.  The computer inside your glasses contain on-board memory and gigabytes of high-quality fast SD storage, as well as wi-fi for high-speed communication using modern mobile networking protocols that integrate seamlessly into your already existing networking environment.

If you think this is exciting, just imagine the capabilities this new type of computer will allow you to have from day one.  Our firmware integrates into the mobile ecosystem with an extensible software interface, and if you’re an application developer, this will allow your imagination to run-wild with direct access into the vast capabilities that your new glasses will enable.

What would you do with a computer that you’re wearing as a fashion accessory that happens to be faster than many web-servers and appliances were just a short decade ago?

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