Designed for simplicity of style and refined sophistication, Epiphany Eyewear is crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to blend seamlessly into your everyday lifestyle as a hip and modern accessory.  We’ve designed a new type of glasses that flawlessly merges clean design with cutting edge technology, and guarantees to do so in a way that will never infringe on your personal sense of style.

Built specifically to blend into your everyday life as a product that complements and enhances your daily experiences, the Epiphany frames impress and simply amaze with new smart high-tech abilities all while letting you keep your own geek, sleek, urban or edgy look in the process.  These glasses are made for real people who understand that design is more than engineering.  We firmly believe that design is how it works and we reflect this in every aspect of how the Epiphany Eyewear line of glasses will work with you as an individual.


We take as much pride in designing our technology as we do designing the styles of our frames and truly believe our product is only complete when the sophistication of style matches the sophistication of technology that’s offered inside.  You can be certain that new styles with a hip aesthetic will always be available from Epiphany — never compromising quality and always allowing you the full flexibility and freedom to be uniquely yourself.