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Are you interested in what we’re up to?  If you’d like to connect with us to inquire about working together, building a partnership, as a premium affiliate, as an early application developer or for sales (if you’re interested in pre-ordering units of 1,000 or more) for retail distribution, we encourage you to contact us.  Let’s connect the dots & see where it leads.

If you’re reading this, that means Vergence Labs is interested in speaking with you.  We are keen to collaborate with the best and the brightest people, and believe there is always a mutually beneficial way to collaborate when intelligent win-win creativity is applied.  If you have an idea or prospect that could lead towards a brighter future using our product, we want to talk to you.  We’re specifically interested in application developers, existing application integrations, retail buyers, talent agencies, and brand licensing opportunities — but no matter who you are, and what you’re up to, we are open to speaking with you about the opportunity.  Fill out the contact info on the right to get started.  Please be patient, due to the large amount of interest, some responses may take longer than we’d like, but rest assured we will follow up as the time becomes right.

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